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Discovering Brookfield, IL: A Guide to the City's History and Culture

Posted on 12 May, 2023 at 05:40 am - by Sarah Johnson


Brookfield, IL is a charming city located in Cook County, Illinois. Known for its beautiful parks, unique architecture, and friendly residents, Brookfield has a rich history and culture that makes it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating history of Brookfield and the unique culture that sets it apart from other cities in the Midwest.


The Founding of Brookfield

Brookfield was founded in 1889 by Samuel Eberly Gross, who purchased 3,000 acres of land with the intention of creating a community that would serve as a model of good citizenship and good government. Gross named the city after his hometown of Brookfield, Massachusetts, and he set out to create a city that would be different from any other in the Midwest.


One of the first things that Gross did was to lay out the city's streets in a unique pattern that was designed to make it easy for residents to get around. Instead of the traditional grid pattern, Gross created a system of diagonal streets that crisscrossed the city, making it easy for residents to travel from one part of the city to another.


Notable Residents

Over the years, Brookfield has been home to many notable residents who have contributed to the city's rich history and culture. One of the most famous residents was the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who built several homes in the city, including the Coonley House, which is now a museum.


Other notable residents include the writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who wrote the Tarzan series of books, and the musician and composer Harry Warren, who won three Academy Awards for his work in Hollywood.


Unique Architecture

Brookfield is known for its unique architecture, which includes many homes and buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and other famous architects. One of the most iconic buildings in the city is the Brookfield Zoo, which was designed by the architect Edward Durell Stone in the 1930s.


Other notable buildings in Brookfield include the Grossdale Station, which was designed by the architect Henry Ives Cobb in 1895, and the Hollywood House, which was designed by the architect Walter Burley Griffin in 1915.


Parks and Recreation

Brookfield is home to several beautiful parks and recreation areas that are popular with locals and tourists alike. One of the most popular parks is Kiwanis Park, which features playgrounds, picnic areas, and a splash pad for kids.

Other popular parks include Ehlert Park, which has a skate park and a walking trail, and Jaycee/Ehlert Park, which has a baseball field and basketball courts. In addition to these parks, Brookfield is also home to the Brookfield Zoo, which is one of the largest and most famous zoos in the country.



Brookfield, IL is a city with a rich history and unique culture that sets it apart from other cities in the Midwest. From its founding by Samuel Eberly Gross to its notable residents like Frank Lloyd Wright and Harry Warren, Brookfield has a fascinating story to tell. Whether you're a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just looking for a beautiful place to explore, Brookfield is definitely worth a visit.

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